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Expedited PPE

During pandemic, setup the brand identity and channels in a speedy manner.


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Animated Video Creation

Content Development

Online Store

Customer Service

Marketplace Fulfillment

Paid Ads

Channel Development

Crowd of People with masks

The challenge

In the beginning, PPE business was a seller’s market as the demand was created by the COVID-19. After a few months, the market supply is getting saturated, most small sellers are forced to liquidate their inventory. How to avoid?

Our solution and results

We focused on long-term brand strategy even though it’s a one-year business. With a professional and clear branding strategy, including well written content that not only feels trustworthy to the customers but also helps with SEO, a animated educational video and innovative packaging, Expedited PPE got accepted by the biggest pharmaceutical company McKesson and selling on Amazon, Walmart and Shopify ( successfully. Its well planned brand and marketing strategy avoid being subject to the pricing war.

PPE logo-01.jpg
Expedited PPE Animated Video

Expedited PPE Animated Video

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