2-in-1 Portable Baby Bassinet

For this project, we helped MiClassic Portable Baby Bassinet to create a video that introduces the brand and their products to the market.



Video Creation


When we first met this client, they had been selling on Amazon for about six months to test the water and they were about to improve the product design based on initial market feedback and invest in mass production. The client has long-time product R&D experience, but they don’t have a team dedicated to sales and marketing. They were in need of a marketing firm that can provide hand-in-hand comprehensive marketing services. 


After analyzing competitors’ products on Amazon, 6blu positioned the product for newborn babies to make the product more competitive. In addition, 6blu brainstormed some life scenes so consumers can relate themselves to the product and then shoot the new product pics and video to emphasize its good features. We highlight products' unique selling points by using storytelling and creative shots to communicate its benefit to the audience.