Folding Bike

For this project, our goal is to help Phoenix Bicycle establish their brand in the U.S. market, so we make sure that everything they communicated reflect who they are.


Amazon Acceleration Programs

Data-driven Operation

Content Optimization

Visual Production

Reputation Management

The challenge

Although Phoenix Bicycle is #1 brand in bicycle category in China for one hundred years, it has been facing competition from exported brands. The fact that people nowadays use bicycles less and less as transportation tool also results in the shrinking sales. Thus, Phoenix has been changing its design and functionality to adapt the change of consumer’s need and exploring oversea market. 


Our solution & results

After analyzing competitors’ products on Amazon, 6blu positioned the product for leisure users and proposed a new pricing strategy to make the product more competitive. In addition, 6blu brainstormed some life scenes so consumers can relate themselves to the product and then shoot the new product pics and video to emphasize its good features.

In addition, after 6blu takes over its Amazon account, we optimized its listing and started to run advertising campaign with bid price and ROI calculation. We succeed in increasing product’s impression, click through rate and reduced advertising cost to its sales.